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Our Primary Pest Control Services in Detroit and Surrounding Areas

We offer the best pest control services in Detroit and its nearby areas.  Pests won’t be able to enter your comfort zone when you have adopted our services.  We provide around the clock services.  Our services are available for the extermination of most common pests like cockroaches, bugs, ants, spiders, termite and bed bugs.  Our process is simple yet really operational.  So without wasting any time call us and avail quick and reliable service for the extermination of pests.


Residential Pest Control

We can surely say that there is not a single home where pests cannot reach out. Homes are made to get relax and free.  Pests can be very irritating if they have been living in your residence for so long.  So always take immediate action when you see any pest roaming around in your home.  Because they can be very dangerous for your health.


Institutional Pest Control

A bulk of people study in institutions like schools, hospitals, and universities so they must be pest-free because pests can seriously harm you.  So whenever you see any pest wandering in your institution, always remember that there must have a whole team to destroy you.  So if you don’t want to destroy the reputation of your institute, let us inspect the areas and hideouts of pests and suggest the best solutions for their extermination.


Commercial Pest Control

Commercial areas can also not be kept under the reach of pests.  They can make some serious damage to your work place and make the environment a big mess.  Our commercial pest control service are especially created to treat pests in offices and work places.


Industrial Pest Control

Industries can provide better places to the pests where they can hide themselves.  1-800-BUG-GUYS because of their extensive knowledge can go deep down to the problem and according to the circumstances provide best possible solutions.

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Trusted Solution

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24/7 Service

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Our main focus is to offer top-quality treatment to control pests in Detroit and its nearby areas.  We have a team with massive knowledge of all kinds of pests wandering in your areas and surroundings.  We have the most trustworthy solutions for homes, industries, commercial and industrial areas.  We apply such methods and techniques which not only exterminate the pests but also their hideouts as well.

We also make sure that the treatment cannot harm the health and environment of our clients.  We take all the safety measures and use only government suggested chemicals for pest extermination.  Make us a call for further information about our services and packages at 1-800-BUG-GUYS  (1-800-284-4897

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